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"It all started in 2005: at first my friends were asking me to make them more beautiful and elegant, they were all convinced that I could do it. Except for me...
More and more encouraged, I started to design and sew clothes for them. My goal, not so obvious, was to be able to enter their minds to understand their feelings and desires, while seeking only high quality materials.
Then... the satisfaction of seeing my dresses perfect on them! I believe this is the highest aspiration for every designer. But not mine, or rather not the only one.
Much to my surprise, I realized that the only thing that makes me feel truly fulfilled is when my clients, wearing my creations and getting excited, tell me «This is just what I wanted!»
And so I decided to open my own atelier in 2006, dedicating myself to the creation of custom tailored dresses for both men and women."

No just Dresses, but real Emotions!
At its design studio, FB International creates handmade, high quality and completely Made in Italy costumes. 

The team is made up of professional seamstresses and precise embroiderers, personally selected by Francesco Breccolini. The strength of the team is represented by the cohesiveness and cooperation with the stylist, who is always present in the studio in order to be able to follow every step of the dressmaking process. In this way, it is possible to avoid mistakes, due to misunderstandings of the sketch and solve technical problems.

Next to the tailoring team, a very capable customer care staff will be at disposal before, during and after the creation and delivery of the costume.